Zander Blom & Sean O’Toole present... The Bad Reviews
Eina! (Collector’s Edition), 2018

Unique signed Zander Blom drawing, Editioned Tote Bag, Flash Drive containing 4 music videos, Vinyl Record, 16pg Booklet, 12 Track Vinyl Record, 16pg Booklet with signed double-sided poster, Screenprinted PVC Sleeve
Vinyl: 31,5 x 31,5 cm
Drawing: 65 x 50 cm
Edition of 20*
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*Each drawing has been hand-made and is unique. 
Edition Ref. Code: BP–18 / BPM–03

Bad Paper is please to announce the release of ‘Eina!’, a limited-edition album by The Bad Reviews.

The Bad Reviews is a studio-based art, music and performance project by artist Zander Blom and writer Sean O’Toole. Their collaboration grew out of a series of free-form improvisations held at Blom’s Cape Town studio between January—June 2018. Blom, who has previously released five albums, provided the musical arrangements, while O’Toole contributed mostly spontaneous vocals and wails.

The collectors’ edition of ‘Eina!’ is limited to 20 copies and includes an original drawing by Blom, various ephemera (including four videos self-produced videos), a signed tote-bag, as well as the standard vinyl release.

The standard release of ‘Eina!’ is available as a limited edition of 300 copies designed by Ben Johnson, and includes a signed double-sided centerfold poster as part of the accompanying 16pg booklet.

Eina! was pressed at the Vinyl Factory, London.

The Bad Reviews are best viewed on Vimeo.