Jacob van Schalkwyk
Artist Unknown, 2018

Return Flight to Malawi, Transport, 1 Night stay on Lake Malawi
Dimensions Variable
Edition of 8



*Each edition has been hand-made and is unique. 
Edition Ref. Code: BP–26

When buying ‘Artist Unknown’, one isn’t buying this specific (found) object, but rather the experience of going to find one for themselves. Included in the edition is a return flight to Malawi, transport through the country with a dedicated driver, and a nights stay on Lake Malawi. On arriving, the driver will pick you up from the airport and take you along a road where street vendors display and sell various goods by hanging them from wooden cross-bar structures. You will be taken to the same vendor where van Schalkwyk bought his cluster of re-treaded rubber tire straps, so you can buy one for yourself.

‘Artist Unknown’ is an edition of 8, and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity, as well as guidelines on how you could display the work once you return home from your trip. The edition is priced on request, the amount being dependant on where one is flying from, and what time of year it is.